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Monster of Camp Sunshine

Monster of Camp Sunshine

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Monster of Camp Sunshine

“The motion picture that follows is a fable. In it there are many nudists but only one monster. In life, it is generally the other way around.”

Shot by anonymous maniacs in New York, this is a trash-art berserker that feels like what would happen if a 1980s slasher was teleported inside of a 1960s nudist film. A nurse and fashion model head to Camp Sunshine for a weekend of fun, sun, and cigarettes. But little do they know that Hugo, the camp’s gardener, has been transformed into an axe-wielding psychopath after drinking radioactive water! Combining experimental visuals with camp flair, this is a crackpot time capsule featuring Monty Python-esque animation, someone named Ron Cheney, Jr., and, at the end, “a brief summary of the movie for those who wish to relive its magic moments.” Newly restored from the original 35mm negative!

USA, 1964, USA, 74 minutes, Directed by Ferenc Leroget

  • “Goes full out holy batshit insane”

    – Hal C.F. Astell, Apocalypse Later Film
  • “This movie defies our concept of linear time.”

    - Nick Petrecca, Letterboxd
  • “A nudie-cutie horror mashup as envisioned by avant- garde film students.”

    – Geoff P
  • “a Trashy-Cinema-Vertite pop art explosion.”

    – se13an
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