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Join us for a Meet the Filmmaker event! Includes extended, in-person Q&A with subject Jeannette Feliciano and Director Maris Curran.

Jeannette is unlike any character we’ve seen depicted on screen before; she’s a competitive bodybuilder and a lesbian single mother who struggles to cope with trauma after surviving a mass shooting.

The film begins in the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub massacre and follows Jeannette as she recovers, backslides and eventually finds support and healing through community. The film provides a window into Jeannette’s life—her strained relationship with her mother, her identity as a lesbian and mother to her teenage son and her roots in Puerto Rico.

Taking a vérité approach, Maris works to create a window into one woman’s life—her strength and vulnerability—in the aftermath of trauma. JEANNETTE is a film about resilience that gives an audience the opportunity to move past the headlines and ask: in the wake of tragedy, how do we move toward wholeness?

USA, 2022, 78 min, directed by Maris Curran

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