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Inside tells the story of Nemo, an art thief who enters a collector’s penthouse apartment hunting for valuable works of art. As he enters, the security system locks everything down. And then malfunctions. He is locked inside. At first, he expects his partner-in-crime to arrive, then the security guards or the police. Or the owner. But no one comes. Then he hopes and prays for a cleaning lady to come. A servant. Anyone. But no one comes. And days stretch out into weeks and months. He is locked inside a prison adorned with exquisite, strange, even eerie works of art: works that he both covets and admires, but which are now, for him, useless. Instead, he must use all of his cunning and invention to survive. To break into all the locked spaces to find all the food and liquid he will need. The luxury penthouse – this locus of perfection and aspiration – has become a prison. A desert island. A torture chamber. And then a place of revelation.

2023, 105 minutes, Rated R, Directed by Vasilis Katsoupis

  • “’Inside’ is set up as a psychological thriller/escape movie, but evolves into something rather more intriguing: a philosophical interrogation of the value of art to a dying man.”

    – Wendy Ide, SCREEN DAILY
  • “Willem Dafoe is a great actor, legendarily intense and committed to his roles. If you need a reminder, ‘Inside’ is the movie for you.”

    – Bill Goodykoontz, ARIZONA REPUBLIC
  • “(A) formidable Dafoe at his most intense…Greek director Vasilis Katsoupis’ first dramatic feature is a high-concept thriller about a master art thief trapped in a luxury New York penthouse that turns on him.”

    – David Rooney, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER
  • “Dafoe’s mastery of the screen keeps it meaningful.”

    – Peter Bradshaw, THE GUARDIAN
  • “Willem Dafoe is a tour-de-force in (this) audacious psychological drama…mesmerizingly portrays this ‘Inside’ job as if his life and art counted on it.”

    – Robert Abele, THE WRAP
  • “Unnerving…a thriller that’s equally tense and entertaining. Rating: A” – Marco Vito Oddo, COLLIDER

    – Marco Vito Oddo, COLLIDER
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