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Experience Florida’s best local independent film showcase and VOTE for the winner!

Originally a project of University of Central Florida’s Downtown Media Arts Center, Enzian became home to FilmSlam when DMAC closed in 2006. FilmSlam continues to be a popular screening and networking outlet for independent and student filmmakers throughout the State of Florida.

Held six times a year, usually on the second Sunday at 1:00PM, FilmSlam is an unrated, independent film showcase and competition open to all Florida filmmakers and students. This series empowers audience members to select a winner, who then advances to the selections committee for the Enzian’s Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase.

Each winner, event archive, and a library of live filmmaker Q&As, may be found on FilmSlam’s Facebook Page.

For more information about FilmSlam and details on how to submit a film for consideration, click here.

August 2019 Lineup:

A Day at the Park (2019)
Writer/Producer/Director: Sean Wist
Running Time: 5:21
Synopsis: One summer day, Megan and Kyle visit a theme park to find the perfect ride. There’s only one problem; Kyle doesn’t like any of them.

Have A Nice Day (2018)
Writer/Director: Duyen Nguyen; Producer: Anna Ruth Brown
Running Time: 7:06
Synopsis: A deaf and mute boy falls in love with a girl he meets at the library and struggles to confess his feelings to her.

Smuggling (2019)
Writers: Isabel Machado, Jesus Carrillo; Director/Producer: Isabel Machado
Running Time: 1:45
Synopsis: A guy is desperate to get something from his friend.

Behind the Scenes (2019)
Writer: J.P. Smith; Director: Michael Speigner; Producer: Just Muse Productions
Running Time: 9:00
Synopsis: It’s just one day in the life of a Production Assistant, a love triangle behind the camera mimicks those the crew intends to film. The parallels are endless. . .

Mime Crisis (2018)
Writer/Director/Prioducer: Ramsey Khawaja
Running Time: 3:17
Synopsis: Two mimes in the park compete for an audience’s tips and applause until things get ugly. A playful experiment in silent storytelling and reality versus imagination.

One Good Man (2019)
Writers: Al Mauro, Curt Wiser; Director: Al Mauro; Producer: Curt Wiser
Running Time: 7:21
Synopsis: A tough rookie cop decides to get a trim at a local barbershop when a new and suspicious barber arrives. Based on a true crime story.

SNAFU (2019)
Writers: TL Westgate, Dale Metz, Trent Duncan; Director/Producer: Dale Metz
Running Time: 9:30
Synopsis: It’s situation normal for a couple of cops on what starts out to be a regular night. 

The Iceman Cometh (2019)
Writers: Rich Hibner, Adam Andrei; Director: Rich Hibner; Producers: Rich Hibner, Adam Andrei, Ray Velez
Running Time: 7:44
Synopsis: Shortly after learning he gained rare super powers from an explosion, a man must put them to the test in order to save his ex girlfriend from a dangerous foe.

Windows (2019)
Writer/Director: Timmy Walczak; Producers: Timmy Walczak, Naveed Chinoy
Running Time: 9:28
Synopsis: A conflicted man is about to commit murder and he desperately hopes that a stranger can convince him otherwise before it’s too late.

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