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Cecil B. Demented

Hollywood’s greatest diva, the amazing Honey Whitlock (Melanie Griffith), is kidnapped by the terrorist film director Cecil B. DeMented (Stephen Dorff), and his crazy crew, the SPROCKET HOLES (Alicia Witt, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Adrien Grenier), to force her to make the ultimate underground movie. Ignoring all the rules of Mainstream moviemaking Cecil B. and his wild bunch are ready to sacrifice everything. Honey, however, might have found the best role of her career.

2000, USA, 87 minutes, Directed by John Waters, Rated R

  • “The shenanigans have been pared into 84 minutes of transgressive, potty-minded farce, that is often Waters at his most cheerful and most thematically focused.”

  • “A hilarious -- and very much old-school John Waters -- anti-blockbuster romp that chews up and spits out the kind of pandering Hollywood conventions that to toothless, cookie-cutter box office hits.”

    – Rob Blackwater, SPLICEDWIRE
  • “In many ways Waters' most personal work, Cecil B. Demented is a special treat for fans, a warm and bittersweet throwback to his outlaw beginnings.”

    – Scott Tobias, A.V. CLUB
  • “Part action movie, part absurdist comedy, part protest piece, Cecil B. Demented has everything that makes a John Waters movie great.”

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