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Body Snatchers

30th Anniversary Showing!

When Environmental Protection Agency inspector Steve Malone travels to a remote military base in order to check for toxic materials, he brings his family along for the ride. After arriving at the base, his teenage daughter Marti befriends Jean Platt, daughter of the base’s commander, General Platt. When people at the base begin acting strangely, Marti becomes convinced that they are slowly being replaced by plant-like aliens.

1993, 87 minutes, USA, Rated R, Directed by Abel Ferrara

  • "Ferrara hasn't merely remade Body Snatchers; he has reimagined and reinvigorated it, using the best of special-effects talent and cool directorial skill to turn out a splendidly creepy and unsettling piece of genre filmmaking that knows how to scare you and isn't afraid to try."

    - Kenneth Turan, LOS ANGELES TIMES
  • "The new Body Snatchers is the most graphic of all, featuring more overt violence and decomposing flesh than the other two films combined."

    - Peter Travers, ROLLING STONE
  • "Ferrara, a visual expressionist at heart, creates some really unsettling moments, though maybe the most impressive thing about the movie is that it manages to make what’s basically a happy ending seem soul-crushingly bleak."

    - Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, AVCLUB
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