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Blood Rage

Todd and Terry are twin bros with twin problems — namely, one of them is an axe-wielding maniac! After a literal drive-in massacre, Todd is blamed for the carnage and institutionalized, while Terry goes free. Ten years later, Todd escapes from an asylum on Thanksgiving aka it’s time for blood to raaaaage!!  Produced by whip-smart filmmaker/actress Maryanne Kantor, directed by John Grissmer (SCALPEL), and shot in Jacksonville, Florida in 1983 for the drive-in theater circuit, but not released until 1987, BLOOD RAGE is what happens when you combine Thanksgiving, 1970s-star Louise Lasser (REQUIEM FOR A DREAM, BANANAS), a killer synth score, and the most unbelievable gore effects in all of slasherdom, courtesy of Ed French (TERMINATOR 2). Just remember, “It’s not cranberry sauce!”

82 MIN, 1987, Rated R. Directed by John Grissmer

  • "Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without a viewing of Blood Rage."

    — Joseph A. Ziemba, BLEEDING SKULL!
  • "Funny, brutal, and featuring an above-average amount of T&A, Blood Rage epitomizes the slasher film's sense of transgression, both in terms of bodily awareness and genre play".

    – Clayton Dillard, SLANT MAGAZINE
  • “They don't make 'em like this anymore, but more surprisingly, it's difficult to believe that they ever did.”

    – Christopher Machell, CINEVUE
  • “Louise Lasser sitting on the kitchen floor eating Thanksgiving leftovers straight from the refrigerator is so damn me I should sue somebody.”

    – 1313: Tony the Terror
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