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The Hero

The Hero

  • 3:30PM, 6/16Fri, 6-16, 3:30PM
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    The Hero

    You might know the face, perhaps even the mustache. You definitely know the voice! That legendary baritone so famously used to narrate The Big Lebowski belongs to acclaimed character actor Sam Elliott, and in THE HERO, he gives a career-best and Oscar®-worthy performance.  Elliott plays Lee Hayden, an actor whose days as a Western icon have long since passed.  Now he makes his money doing voiceovers and spends his spare time smoking pot and hanging out with his dealer friend Jeremy (Nick Offerman, TV’s Parks and Recreation). But when Lee receives unexpected news, he decides to take stock of everything in his life and reprise his most celebrated role as “The Hero” in a sequel to his only hit from decades ago. Along the way, he tries to reconnect with his estranged wife (Katherine Ross of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Elliot’s real-life wife) and daughter (Krysten Ritter), and starts an unlikely friendship with a standup comedienne (Laura Prepon) who’s also a customer of Jeremy’s. Writer/director Brett Haley, creator of the acclaimed I’ll See You in My Dreams, offers up another sharply observed exploration of aging in the touching and funny THE HERO and has provided Elliott with a role for the ages.

    USA, 2017, 96 minutes, Directed by Brett Haley

    • “Sam Elliott proves he's more than just a rugged Western icon in ‘The Hero’, a lovely comedy-drama about a lifetime of achievement.”

      – Sean P. Means, SALT LAKE TRIBUNE
    • “Sam Elliott's smoky, whiskey-soaked baritone is one of American cinema's undervalued treasures…gruff feeling and wry, weary wit.”

      – Jon Frosch, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER
    • “A bittersweet celebration of life, with laughs and tears in equal measure.”

      – Dan Mecca, THE FILM STAGE
    • “’The Hero’ is a resonant depiction of a man fearlessly reckoning with his life, his image and most importantly, his heart. Sam Elliott could not be more compelling.”

      – Katie Walsh, THE PLAYLIST
    • “Elliott's a master of understatement, and just watching him stare off into the distance, mulling mortality with a weathered cowboy stance, is true cinematic Zen.”

      – Sara Stewart, THE NEW YORK POST
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