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FilmSlam ‘14

Experience the best local indie film showcase and VOTE for each month’s winner.

Originally a project of University of Central Florida’s Downtown media Arts Center, Enzian became the home of FilmSlam when DMAC closed in 2006.  Now in its seventh year at Enzian, FilmSlam continues to be a popular outlet for indie and student filmmakers throughout the State of Florida.

Usually held every second Sunday at 1:00PM, FilmSlam is a monthly indie film showcase and competition open to Florida filmmakers and students.  This series empowers audience members to select each month’s winner, who then advances to participate in Enzian’s Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase.

For more information about FilmSlam and details on how to submit a film for consideration, click here.

March Line-Up:

Louie St. Claire - "Feelin’  Good" (2014)
Writer/Director: Charles Frisby; Producer: Louie St. Claire
Running Time: 3:50; Website:
Synopsis: While enjoying a house party, Louie finds a mysterious tin that contains a variety of snacks.  After Louie eats a magical Cheeto he finds himself transported into a dream world, which soon becomes a nightmare.

SP #9 (2013)
Writer/Producer/Director: Carl Knickerbocker
Running Time: 3:18; Website:
Synopsis: Evolutionary biology and its consequences—with a bit of existential fishing. Part of a series of shorts examining the human condition via the Suburban Primitive spin.

Mastery (2013)
Writer: Peter Parsley; Producer: W.D. Conine; Director Peter Parsley & W.D. Conine
Running Time: 6:10; Website:
Synopsis: Two men who once grew apart cross paths once again, by fate or consequence, word or might, message or intent.  Regardless, the results are unexpected.

Falling in Love (2014)
Writer/Producer/Director: Kris A. Truini
Running Time: 1:39
Synopsis: A Valentine’s Day romance goes terribly wrong.

Die Kammer (2013)
Writer/Director: Jason Kemmerer; Producer: Sharon Reed
Running Time: 4:22; Website:
Synopsis: "The Chamber," is a story about a Jewish prisoner that struggles to survive Hitler’s torture in Nazi Germany.

Acolyte (2014)
Writer/Producer/Director: Andrew Dean
Running Time: 19:58
Synopsis: A young man seeks to find his place in the afterlife with the help of a new found mentor who offers to show him the way.

Fix (2014)
Writer: Steven Craig Moss; Producer: Full Sail University; Director: Colton Moyer
Running Time: 8:54; Website:
Synopsis: A man resorts to posing as a withdrawing meth-addict to gain access to a local drug-dealer. But, if he’s not after a ‘fix’, what exactly is he looking for.

Into The Flames (2013)
Writer: Mohammed Saad Mansoor, Mike Manley; Producer/Director: Mohammed Saad Mansoor
Running Time: 7:46; Website:
Synopsis: An inspiring documentary about two St. Lucie County firefighters who rescued eight year old Demetrius Gollett from a burning house.

FilmSlam will usually be held on the second Sunday of each month at 1:00 PM at Enzian Theater.

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