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Louder Than Bombs

Louder Than Bombs


Louder Than Bombs

Sometimes silence speaks volumes, and in the first English-language feature from Joachim Trier—one of the finest young European directors of the last decade—what a family can’t talk about proves to speak the loudest of all. Reminiscent of Ordinary People in its family dynamics, each character seems well-adjusted on the surface; however, a shattering event from the past—the war photographer-mother’s death—causes her husband and two sons to reexamine themselves. Guilt, confusion, and inadequacy burn deep down inside them. The mother’s ghost (Isabelle Huppert) haunts their lives, and each remembers her differently. The husband (Gabriel Byrne) desperately tries to reach out to his youngest teenage son (Devin Druid, TV’s Louie), who is resentful and shutdown, and his older son (Jessie Eisenberg), who does communicate with his father but can’t relate to his own wife or newborn. The strong ensemble cast also includes David Strathairn and Amy Ryan. Expertly and somewhat audaciously shuttling between different timeframes and character perspectives, this quiet and thoughtful drama with nuanced storytelling proves to be a powerful and psychologically astute examination of artistic ambition, grief, and regret.

USA, 2015, In English, 109 min, Unrated, Directed by Joachim Trier

  • ”A family drama of extraordinary beauty.”

    – Joe Morgenstern, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL
  • “The best cast you will see in any film this year fights through the emotional collateral damage of a self-destructive war photographer's possibly purposeful death.”

  • “Despite the title, this is a quiet, intimate story of a family reeling from tragedy, but it's no less loaded with revelations and breakthroughs, all set at a recognizably human volume.”

    – Alonso Duralde, THE WRAP
  • “Beguiling and fascinating…like a great novel, the director hops around in time and reality.”

    – Oliver Lyttelton, THE PLAYLIST
  • “Richly detailed, sensitively played and cleverly mounted.”

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