Manhattan Short Film Festival 2017 - Enzian Theater

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Manhattan Short Film Festival 2017

Manhattan Short Film Festival 2017

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Special Programs

Manhattan Short Film Festival 2017

Over 100,000 Film Lovers across the globe unite for one week for one film festival to view and vote on the Finalist’s Films in the 20th Annual MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival!

Do No Harm
3am. Hongjing, China. 1980s. A single-minded surgeon is forced to break her physician’s oath when violent gangsters storm into a hospital to stop a crucial operation.

A divorced mother is obsessed with the idea that her ex-husband is plotting to take her baby away from her.

Fickle Bickle
Left alone in a magnificent mansion after the forgetful owner goes on vacation, a plumber contacts his high school crush, knowing she’s always been a “gold-digger.”

Hope Dies Last
During World War II, a prisoner working as a barber for the Nazis fears every haircut may be his last.

Perfect Day
With a $10 million business deal set to close and a date with beautiful girl, David figures today will be the best day of his life. Not quite.

Just Go!
A young man who lost both his legs in a childhood accident comes to the rescue of the girl he loves when she is victimized by villains.

Mare Nostrum
On a Mediterranean shore, a Syrian father’s decision to give his daughter a better life puts her in danger of losing it.

Viola, Franca
Sicily, 1965. Franca is being forced to marry her rapist to avoid becoming a pariah in her traditionalist community but she rebels against the established custom.

In a Nutshell
Love, war and the myriad states of humanity and the world condensed into a visual summation that’s a treat for the eyes.

8 Minutes
With the end of the world fast approaching, an aging magician realizes one last feat of magic is required of him.

2017, 120 minutes

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