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Harry and the Hendersons

Harry and the Hendersons

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Harry and the Hendersons

While returning from a trip in the woods, George Henderson (John Lithgow) and his family run into something with their car that turns out to be a Sasquatch. Thinking the creature is dead, they take him home, but “Harry” (Kevin Peter Hall) soon awakens. Despite their initial fears, Harry is a kind and sensitive being, and the Hendersons become very fond of him. However, it is difficult to keep him a secret, and soon they begin to fear for Harry’s safety.

Special Post-Film Q&A with the film’s Make-up Artist:

Two time Emmy nominated make-up artist Michael Burnett has been doing make-up in the film and television industry for more than 30 years. Prior to forming his own makeup effects company MBP, he worked with Academy Award winning make-up artists Rick Baker, Greg Cannom and Michael Westmore. Some of Michael’s credits include, Harry and the Hendersons, The Ben Stiller Show, Universal Soldier, The Forsaken, Star Trek Enterprise, Passions and Mad TV. Michael is currently the Director of design & development for FrightNight Studios, a Florida based company that creates makeup and effects for motion pictures, Television and Theme Parks including Bush Gardens, Universal Studios, and Disney.

USA, 1987, 110 minutes, Rated PG, Directed by William Dear

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