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Winner of over 10 international awards, including “Best Breakthrough Performance” for Elliot Page!

Hayley (Elliot Page, THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY) is a precocious teenager who goes to a coffee shop to meet Jeff (Patrick Wilson, THE CONJURING), the photographer she met on the internet. Jeff thinks he is in for a real treat, but Hayley plays a trick on him. After drugging Jeff and tying him down, Hayley reveals that she knows Jeff preys on teenage girls, and she has a plan to wring a confession from him.

2005, 104 minutes, USA, Directed by David Slade, Rated R

  • “To watch HARD CANDY is, at moments, to be very afraid, but the scariest thing about it is the fury of Page's talent.”

    – Owen Gleiberman, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY
  • “A hot-button thriller meant to enflame and infuriate.”

    – Sara Michelle Fetters, MOVIEFREAK.COM
  • “A highly original psychological thriller/revenge fantasy…bitterly hard to take and uncomfortably intense.”

    – Claudia Puig, USA TODAY
  • “A film that gives you something to think about, raising questions that linger long after the theater lights have brightened.”

    – Moira MacDonald, SEATTLE TIMES
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