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I Dream in Another Language

I Dream in Another Language


I Dream in Another Language

Winner of the World Cinema Dramatic Audience Award at Sundance 2017
Winner of the Audience Award for Best International Feature at the 2017 Florida Film Festival

Martin arrives in a remote Mexican village to record a dying, ancient indigenous language. He finds the last two speakers of the language, but they refuse to speak to each other because of a 50 year grudge.

Martin learns the surly Evaristo got into a fight with Isauro because they fell in love with the same woman. Now widowed, Evaristo continues to bitterly avoid the ailing Isauro. Martin and Evaristo’s granddaughter, Lluvia, work to convince the men to reconcile. Perplexed by their intensity when they meet, Martin realizes there is more to the story, and Lluvia finally reveals the secret behind the men’s entanglement. As Isauro’s health declines, Evaristo struggles to come to terms with his feelings, and strange bird calls from deep inside the jungle begin to stir, evoking the mythical origin of their ancestors.

Distinctly enigmatic in tone, permeating the vibrations of the jungle’s enchantment through sound and cinematography, writer and director duo the Contreras brothers imaginatively use language and metaphor, and eternity over history to weave an unexpected and transcendental story.

Mexico | Netherlands, 2017, 103 minutes, Not Rated, In English and Spanish with English Subtitles, Directed by Ernesto Contreras

  • “Engagingly directed…an unusual venture, both charming and serious, that goes in more directions than anticipated, including more than a touch of magic realism.”

    – Kenneth Turan, LOS ANGELES TIMES
  • “It’s thrilling to see such an original, mature story seek to fill its big heart with poetry.”

    – Nick Allen, ROGEREBERT.COM
  • “It’s delectably watchable.”

    – Glenn Kenny, THE NEW YORK TIMES
  • “Haunting, engrossing, and poetic with mesmerizing, beautifully shot scenery reminiscent of the films of Carlos Reygadas.”

    – Avi Offer, NYC MOVIE GURU
  • “This Mexican film is an enchanting look at the deterioration of both a language and a deep friendship.”

    – Harvey S. Karten, COMPUSERVE
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