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Buster’s Mal Heart

In Sarah Adina Smith’s darkly humorous and mysteriously mind-bending thriller, an odd homeless man—known only as Buster—runs from authorities and breaks into vacation homes to survive the Montana winter. Through his memories (or possibly paranoid delusions), we see who Buster was in a past life: Jonah, a family man struggling to provide his loved ones with the life they always dreamed of. His determination mixed with unfortunate circumstances lead him to collude with a conspiracy-obsessed drifter (DJ Qualls), who forever changes their lives with a seemingly perfect plan. This heartfelt, intelligent, and thought-provoking narrative philosophically explores the question of duality—who we are before and after something life-changing happens to us—and will leave you transfixed in the process. Emmy®-winner Rami Malek (TV’s Mr. Robot) brilliantly portrays a man with a broken mind, who has to learn to live with himself and the consequences of the choices he made… or not.

USA, 2016, 98 minutes, In English and Spanish with English Subtitles, Directed by Sarah Adina Smith

  • “It's science fiction that's complex, thoughtful and funny, like 12 Monkeys or Primer run through a Fargo filter.”

    – April Wolfe, L.A. WEEKLY
  • “If you appreciate a writer/director and actor who swing for the fences and chase after big questions ... this has a dreamlike beauty that may catch you in its spell.”

    – Johanna Schneller, TORONTO GLOBE AND MAIL
  • “Intensely weird. Malek is really fun to watch. It’s a tricky journey, but it’s one worth taking.”

    – Bill Goodykoontz, USA TODAY
  • “Nobody plays barely maintained sanity like Malek, (and) it’s fun to spot all the unintentional Mr. Robot parallels.”

    – Sherilyn Connelly, SF WEEKLY
  • “As a showcase for Smith's unique talent, original vision and deadpan humor-let alone as a study of a strange guy with a rich inner life-the movie is an art house-style fascinator.”

    – Stephen Rebello, PLAYBOY
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